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We encourage people to ask for, and use Assistive Listening Systems (ALS) in situations where they find hearing difficult. 

Although you may be self conscious the first time you ask for or use a system, remember: when you advocate for yourself you are also advocating for other people with hearing loss.

 Please let whoever is in charge know if their system isn't working properly. Arrive early at an event and turn on the receiver, if one is needed to be sure the indicator light goes on; batteries often are low or "dead". 
Since the ALS and the sound system are usually connected you may not hear any sound until the program begins. This is often very inconvenient however, once the program begins you should be able to hear either with your Telecoil  (loop installation) or with the combination of a receiver and neckloop your T-coil, or a receiver an headset (FM or Infrared installations).
Remember: If the facility has a Hearing Loop and you have a telecoil in your hearing aid, you don't need a receiver or neck loop. Turn on your "T" (telecoil/ "telephone" switch or program) and you're all set!

Understanding Listening Systems and how to use them can be confusing. No one is born knowing what a transmitter, receiver, neck loop or a telecoil is.

 Please call us with your questions. All of us were new to using these
 systems at one time, and understand the apprehension you may feel.

​For more information please contact us 
and one of our technology members will get back to you.

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