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The following includes a list of some restaurants that our
HLAA members have found to be reasonably quiet and to 
have helpful service. Remember - sound levels may vary 
from time to time and from day to day. These opinions 
generally reflect one person's visit on one occasion,
cannot be guaranteed and your
experience may be different.

If you have any other restaurant suggestions, please email the completed restaurant survey  and email or snail mail the form to our Rochester Chapter.

Click on picture for a blank restaurant survey for 
hearing accessibility. Download to 
your computer, complete and print for mailing.

263 Park Ave., 14607. Tel 442-5090.
Small, upscale restaurant with excellent quality food 
and service; reservations accepted; parking lot in back. 
Noise levels seemed very acceptable.

BAMBA BISTRO 282 Alexander St.; phone: 244-8680
Good crab cakes and salads. Time of visit: Noon til 2pm.
NOISY. Only six tables of guests out of 16, but conversations carried. No acoustical tiles. No drapes on windows or table linens. Open seating but tables well spaced. No booths. Did have carpet and upholstered furniture. Lighting was good (windows and room lighting).
Cost: Lunch entree: $8-12. Service: Good; waitress attentive. Parking along side building, or on the street.  Noisy for HOH folks. Reviewed by GG.

BAXTER'S at the Radisson Inn Jefferson Rd, near RIT QUIET. THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO FOR HOH FOLKS. Carpet, linens, drapes. There is very good lighting, from the windows and general lighting. Service: Very good, attentive. Time of visit: 12:30 to 2pm. Tables spaced well apart. Not crowded. They have an excellent lunch buffet. Cost: Lunch $7 12. Parking in large lot in front of hotel. Reviewed by GG.

BAYFRONT Empire Blvd, Webster (near MacGregor's and LaSalle's, at the dug-way hill). QUIET. No carpet, or linens, or drapes. Good acoustical tiles. Very good lighting from windows. Service: Very Good, and attentive. Family-style dining. Time of visit: 1:15 - 2:30pm. Booths. Parking in lot in front or on side. Cost: Breakfast, $4- $8. Lunch $6 - $8.The Room was only 1/3 full, and not noisy. Reviewed by GG.

BENUCCI'S ITALIAN Pittsford Plaza; phone: 264-1300 Time of visit: Happy Hour 5:00 - 6:30pm. QUIET. Dinner: 6:45  VERY NOISY. Lighting was OK. There are only a couple of windows up front. They had carpet, linens and acoustical tiles. Tables very close together. It was too noisy to hear Specials. Parking in large Pittsford Plaza lot. Typical Italian cuisine. It was TOO NOISY FOR DINNER FOR HOH FOLKS. Reviewed by GG.

BLACK & BLUE STEAK & CRAB HOUSE 3349 Monroe Ave; Pittsford Plaza; phone: 421-8111
NOISY. There was background noise and music (but asked to have it turned down). Conversations at other tables, even though not crowded, carried far. No linens or drapes, but did have carpet and upholstered furniture and acoustical tiles. Tables were large with wide aisles between. Booths. Very high ceilings. Windows were large and table lighting good (daytime). Time of visit: 12:30 to 2pm. Party of 6. Waitress very slow (even with few people there);
Service adequate. Cost for Lunch entree 15.

The BRIGHTON 1881 East Ave Rochester 14610; tel 585 271-6650
Varied cuisine; less expensive; accepts reservations; have booths for 4, two dining rooms are fairly small and quiet; convenient parking. Avoid booths during bar at rush hours.

CASTAWAYS on the Lake 244 Lake Road, Webster; phone: 323-2943
On the Deck: Reasonably quiet because of open air, though tables are close.
Inside: Tables are very close, noisy at lunch/dinner hours. No booths. Bar noise evident. Carpet inside, no linens, or drapes. Service: somewhat slow even when not busy. Time of visit: 11:30  1pm. Cost: lunch $8 - 12. Parking along side or across the street.

CHARLEY BROWN'S 1675 Penfield Rd. (between Panorama Trail and Penfield Rd.) 385-9202 
SOMEWHAT NOISY. There are three small dining areas, including an enclosed porch with lots of windows. They have carpet and linens to absorb the noise. Bar as you enter. Noise seemed to be not from the bar, but other diners nearby. Parking in lot front/side/back. Handicapped accessible, both dining and rest rooms. Open for lunch or dinner. Cost: Lunch $8- 12, Dinner $10- 28. Food and bar are excellent. Service very good. When we asked host for a quiet table because we wore hearing aids, his selection was good (in the back room, table for 2, with wall on one side) except then he set up for party of 6 right next to us!!  CC and GG.

COLE & PARKS BAKERY CAFE & COFFEE CO. 607 Rowley Road, Victor, NY 14564,tel (585) 924-8710 Near Pittsford-Victor Road Open 6am to 9pm, 11pm Fri. and Sat. with a concentration on "health food" with home-made bread. There are three separate dining areas, reported to be acoustically comfortable by a member who has made two visits. See their web site for menu, map, etc.

927 Holt Rd., Webster, NY 14580 (Holt Road Plaza) Phone: 585 667 0001
Hours: Mon – Sun. 11:00am – 9pm

Healthy eating. Start with a bowl of either greens or grains and add 4 toppings. Lots to choose from. Very large menu on wall as you enter, with an eager waitress to help you make decisions and explain the process.
My friend and I arrived when they opened, so could take our time deciding. They also do have printed menus to help you decide. I chose the Thai Chicken & Rice Noodles (“Grain Bowl”) for $8.50, and my friend chose the Mediterranean (“Green Bowl”) $8.50. They offer juices and fruits, lots of toppings, homemade healthy dressings, and desserts.

Happy to have arrived at 11am. By Noon, the line was out the door! but moved rather rapidly. Nothing inside to deaden the noise (no linens, carpet, drapes, etc) but music was turned down upon our request. Very friendly and rapid service. Reviewed by BG and GG. 6/16.

CEREME'S ITALIAN VILLA 50 Winton PL #17 Rochester NY 14623, 585-427-7350. Lunch: M-F 11:00 AM-2:00 PM, Dinner: Tuesday-Thursday 4:30PM-8:30 PM Friday/Saturday: 4:40 PM-9:00PM. Website: Especially quiet at opening. The wait staff is very accommodating and friendly. Carpeting softens noise, booth seating available. Cereme's food is excellent; portions good and the pricing reasonable, low to medium. Private dinning room for gatherings is available for a modest charge. Reviewed by: MG

CRAB SHACK 749 E. Henrietta Rd. (near Southview Commons); phone: 427-7420 SOMEWHAT NOISY there are no carpets or linens. Drapes in one room in the back. Few booths. Good size aisles. Music was loud. Waitress was attentive, and receptive to asking that music volume be lowered. However, it was not by much. Service was good, even as they became busier. The overhead lighting was good, along with window lighting. We arrived when they opened at 4:30pm, and by 5:30pm, the place was almost full. Time of visit: 4:30pm - 6:15pm. Dinners only. Mostly seafood. Dinner entrees: $10 - $ 25. Crab Cake and Cesar Salad were delicious. Parking in good size lot. This restaurant is newly opened. And we agreed we definitely would go again. Reviewed by GG.

CRACKER BARREL 2075 Hylan Drive, Henrietta (14623) phone: 321-3230 NOISY. Wood floors, walls, high ceilings. No acoustic tiles, nor linens. Lighting: very good, with large windows.
Music playing but was NOT loud. Crowded when we were there from 1:15 -
2:30pm. (A little after the usual lunch hour crowd.) Frequently must give your name and wait your turn. Waitress attentive. Delicious food whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.
And you can order any Entree at any time. Printed "Specials" on the
wall at the entrance to dining room. Lunch entrees: $6 - $13. Reviewed by GG.

CUTLER'S 500 University Ave., Rochester, NY 14607; tel. (585) 473-6380. This is a small restaurant in the Rochester Art Gallery building, reasonably priced, attractive surroundings. Excellent acoustics when we visited at lunch (it was filled!). Open for lunch Tue. thru Sundays 1130am to 2pm; dinner Thurs., Fri., Sat 5-8pm. Reservations accepted and advised; full bar,on the "upscale" side. Enter through front door of Gallery. Upstairs but there is an elevator.

DA VINCI'S (in Greece) 1550 W. Ridge Rd. in Stone Ridge Plaza phone: 663-3360
Acoustics are not bad, somewhat noisy. No drapes but they do have carpet.
Not good light from windows and inside lighting is low. There were 3 of us from 5:00 - 6:30pm on a Monday night. Only 4 other tables of guests but the sound carried. No booths. Service attentive. Parking in large lot across from the restaurant (which is on the end, on the west side, as you enter the plaza). Cost: Dinner entrees $15 - $25. Reviewed by GG. 10/2010

ELEGANT EXPRESSIONS 2084 Five Mile Line Rd., Penfield (about 1½ blocks North of the 4 Corners) 381-6760 NOISY. In an old home; only 9 tables, very close together. Park in back, enter thru back door and through the bakery area. Bakery hours are 7am-2pm; Lunch served 11:30 am 1:30pm. Closed Mondays. Handicap accessible via ramp into house; but restrooms are small. It has carpet, linens, and curtains to absorb noise, but with tables so close, loud volume is expected. Food is home made and delicious. Menu appears on a whiteboard at entrance to dining room (Crepes, soups, quiche, vegetarian dishes). No alcoholic beverages Cost: $7 - 9.  Reviewed by CC and GG.

FAIRFIELD'S GRILL 2600 Baird Rd, Penfield; phone: 383-0767 NOISY. First 15 min. was OK until crowd arrived. No linens, drapes, carpet, or acoustical tiles.. Did have booths. Small aisles. Tables close together. Room only medium size.Conversations from other tables loud, also some kitchen noise. Lighting OK though no windows in dining area. Time of visit: 11:30 to 12:30pm. Cost for Lunch entree: $7 -11. Printed Specials on the wall. Reviewed by GG.

FLAHERTY'S: 1200 Bay Road (near Eastway Wegmans) 671-0816 Service: the service was attentive and good. family style restaurant with many choices on the menu. Somewhat noisy, however noise from the bar was not a factor. The music was loud, but was instantly turned down once we asked. There are both tables and booths. No tablecloths, carpet or acoustical ceiling; they do have drapes. Cost: Lunch $8 - 14; Dinner $12 - 20. Parking: There is parking in a large lot around the free-standing building. Accessibility: Wheel chair accessible. -Reviewed by GG 1/2012

FOX'S DELI 3450 Winton Place; phone: 427-8200 NOISY. No carpet or linens or drapes. Lighting was good. Time of visit: Noon to 1pm. Cost: Lunch $7 -12. Service OK but slow. Too noisy to hear Specials. Parking in large Winton Place lot. Deli sandwiches, soup, salads.
Very noisy for HOH folks. Reviewed by GG and JE.

GLENGARRY INN: 4400 Nine Mile Point Rd, Fairport (next to Eagle Vale Country Club) 598-3820 Small restaurant, next to Eagle Vale. We were there 5:30 - 7pm. Only ones in the small dining room. Service: the service was attentive and good.Noise: very noisy Close to the bar that had several patrons as well as televisions. Wood floor, no acoustic tile ceiling. No drapes, but did have tablecloths to help deaden sound. Background music was not loud.Cost: pricey, Dinner $14-25. Parking: small area alongside the building and out back. Accessibility: Wheel Chair Accessible. Reviewed by PON and GG 9/12.

HOLLOWAY HOUSE 29 State Street, East Bloomfield 14443 585-657-7120 NOISY. Originally built in 1808 as a stagecoach tavern, still has lots of ambience with wood floors and furniture, several dining rooms with three having good windows. No booths. Tables very close.
Open only April to Thanksgiving. Closed Mondays. Hours: 11:30am  2pm; and 5-9pm; Brunch on Sundays start in June. Cost: Lunch $ 10--15; Dinner $ 18--35. Not handicap accessible. Several steps to enter front door; and restrooms are tiny. We were there on a Friday night so expected the noise level. Food was disappointing. The fish fry was flat and dry; but rice pilaf made up for it. The house specialty is sauerkraut that is sweet & sour and green colored and very good. Breads have good publicity,  Our white wine and martini were good. PO and GG.

HORIZON'S AT WOODCLIFF 199 Woodcliff Drive, Fairport; phone: 248-4825 QUIET Beautiful hotel style restaurant with excellent service, food and decor and large windows, carpet, drapes, linens, and acoustical tiles. Management was sympathetic to hearing problems. There are some large tables, some small. Half are against walls. Large aisles. Few booths. Server was attentive and sensitive to needs. Food was excellent. Cost for Lunch entree: $10 -15. Quiet even with many tables filled. Time of visit: 11:30 -1:30pm. Reviewed by SM and GG.

JACK'S PLACE (North on Goodman, into Durand-Eastman Park) 1200 Kings Highway North (14617) Phone: 266-0110 The restaurant is in the clubhouse. There is a small sign in window. Eating outside on the veranda overlooks part of the golf course. Tables are spaced nicely, and being outside, not as noisy. Inside, a few booths, tables spaced with wide aisles. It's noisier inside due to lack of tablecloths, drapes, carpet. Very high ceilings. Good lighting from many windows. Time of visit: 5:00 - 7:30pm. Not crowded on a Monday evening we were Party of 3. Waitress attentive, service somewhat slow with so few people. They have a very good selection of sandwiches, soups, salads. Some entrees. Dinner cost: $7 - $12. Reviewed by GG.

JEREMIAH'S TAVERN 1104 Monroe Ave., Rochester. Tel 461-1313. Good food modestly priced. Owner is well aware of hearing problems and has taken steps to reduce noise with attractive wall coverings. There is also a small walled-off space from the Bar area for quieter conversation. Avoid Friday night Happy Hour. Open 11:30am to 1am seven days a week.

JINES 658 Park Av., 14607; tel 461-1280 Family owned small restaurant, pleasant with excellent food at reasonable price. Owner seems very knowledgeable about communication problems with hard of hearing individuals and has rugs on floor, curtains, and we found the noise levels very tolerable. Park along street.

LILIAN'S 2200  Penfield Rd.  377-1300 NOISY. .There are 2 rooms. 
One has a large window but the other has none. They do have
 carpet, and table cloths. A notch above "family dining." 
Does not seem to have an ethnic connection. No booths, but tables
are not too close together. Cost: $14-25 (for regular dinner)  
Parking: in large lot in front. Service: excellent, G.G. 4/9/1212

LONGHORN STEAK HOUSE 720 Jefferson Road, Phone: 272-9695 Somewhat noisy background music but was not loud. Only 5 tables filled. Carpeted but no drapes or tablecloths. Time of visit: 12:30 - 2pm. There were 4 of us. Tables spaced well apart. Many booths. Lighting was good. Service was good. Cost for Lunch entree: $7 - 10. Parking in large lot. Handicap accessible. Reviewed by GG 10/2010.

MICHAEL'S VALLEY GRILL 1694 Penfield Rd. (between Panorama Trail and Penfield Rd.) 383-8260 NOT TOO NOISY. They have carpet and linens and acoustic tiles to absorb noise. Some booths. Tables are a good distance apart. Located in small plaza across from Charley Brown's. Parking in lot out front but at prime times can be a bit of a walk. One step to get to entrance; restrooms are not handicap accessible. Serves Dinner Only. Closed Mondays. Open 5 -10:30pm. Enter directly into bar area; dining area behind. Noise from bar not noticeable. Fine dining; service excellent. Cost: Dinners $14 -26. Reviewed by KM and GG.

MICHELINA'S 2700 W. Henrietta Rd., Brighton (between I-390 and Brighton-Henrietta TL Rd,
424-3040 Across from W. Brighton Fire Dept.) NOT NOISY DUE TO TIME OF DAY.  A small stand-alone building, with parking all around and a ramp into front door. In the back dining room, there are mostly booths, with few tables in center of the room. There are tablecloths and carpet to help with noise. Back dining room not affected by bar noise. Italian food was excellent and homemade. Server attentive. Music was very low. Offer vegetarian. Cost: Lunch $8-12 Dinners $9 -26. Wheelchair accessible, to enter building, but restrooms are not. Reviewed by DH and GG.

MONROE’S: 3001 Monroe Ave., Rochester NY 14618 (the old Spring House) phone: 348-9103
Time visited: a weekday from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. We sat on the back patio. Excellent choice, being on the back of the building and away from street noise. About ½ full. Service: the service was good, but a little slow. Noise: easy to carry on a conversation on the outdoor patio. Inside has tables and booths. Cost: Lunch $9 – 15; Dinner $15 – 22. Parking: Park around back. About 8 steps, but also a ramp. The front door entrance leads to the bakery and there are many steps to enter the restaurant. Easy parking around the free-standing building. Reviewed by PON and GG.

PELICAN'S NEST 566 River St., off Lake Ave. 663-5910 Note: open only April through October, outdoor seating only, on the water. Service: Good. Noise: somewhat noisy due to outside noises and some conversations. Wood floor and furniture, no linens or acoustic tile ceiling to deaden noise. Music was turned down upon request. We were there 11:30am - 1pm on a week day. Only 4 other tables occupied. Cost: Lunch $8 -12. . Parking: large lot in front of the freestanding building. Accessibility: Wheel Chair Accessible dining area but not rest rooms. Reviewed by CCD and GG 9/12.

PHILLIPS EUROPEAN 26 Corporate Woods (near South View Commons), Phone: 272-9910
VERY NOISY. Background music but waitress turned it down when requested. All tables filled. They have carpet, drapes, and acoustical tiles. Time of visit: 6:00 - 7:30pm. Tables close together. Some booths. Service was good. Lighting was good. Cost for Dinner entree: $18 Parking in large lot. Handicap accessible. Reviewed by GG 11/2010

PIER 45 AT THE PORT 1000 North River St; phone: 865-4500 QUIET. Linens, drapes, carpet, upholstered furniture, acoustical tiles. Lighting was soft-colored so rather poor. Good light from many windows if near them. No booths. Tables were a good size but ones along the wall were close together. We were a party of 4. It was not crowded, so little noise. Time of visit: 5:30 - 7pm, weekday. Very large, open room. Service was very good, attentive. Expensive. Dinner entree: over $15. Reviewed by GG.

POMODORO 1290 University Ave; phone: 271-5000 NOISY. No partitions, or booths. Tables small and close together with small aisles. Almost no one in the large open room, but conversations at other tables carried far. Acoustics: very bad. Good windows and lighting. Very high ceiling no acoustical tiles. Service was adequate. Cost for lunch  $10-15. Perhaps eating outside would improve noise level. Time of our visit 1:45- 3:30pm.

PRIME STEAK HOUSE 40 E. Main Street, Webster (near Rt. 250 and 4 corners), phone: 265-4777 NOISY. Upscale, fine dining. Many booths, no partitions. Tables were large with adequate aisles. Tables in middle were not too close. Linens, drapes, carpet, but no acoustical tiles. Wooden accents. Seating for 70, and at date of visit about ¾ full. Noise from conversations was loud and some noise from kitchen. Server was attentive and sensitive to needs. Excellent crab cakes and salads; and prime ribs. Cost for dinner entre: over $15. Time of visit: 7:30 -9pm. Reviewed by GG.

655 Jefferson Road; phone: 424-2060 NOISY. Sat in bar area, but no one at the bar. TVs were turned down. Sat in booth in corner, but noise from conversations at other booths/tables was great. Lighting from windows excellent. No linens or acoustical tiles. Does have carpet and drapes. Also has partitions, many booths, tables large with good aisles. Seafood excellent. Many people the service was very slow for this time of day.Time of visit: 12:45 to 2pm. Cost for lunch: $10 -15. Dinner: over $15. Reviewed by GG.

ROHRBACH BREWING COMPANY, INC. 3859 Buffalo Road, 14624. tel. 594-9800 We stopped here on a Fri. night on the way to Roberts Wesleyan College, and found that, although the bar was very noisy, the rather small dining room adjacent was not. Food is hearty and very reasonable; service was excellent. Parking lot. No reservations, call 45 min. ahead to be put on waiting list.

RICK'S PRIME RIB 898 Buffalo Rd/Gates; phone: 235-2900 Varied cuisine, very good food; carpets and acoustic tiles. Time of visit: Noon. VERY QUIET (no kitchen noise, bar noise, or loud conversations at other tables). Lighting was good. Definitely a restaurant for HOH folks. Reviewed by VT

STREPPA'S 30 E. Main St., Webster 265-2264 NOISE LEVEL: NOT BAD Small entrance, visible on Main St. down a dozen steps. It's best to park in back and only one step into the dining room. Wheelchairs can enter in corridor near kitchen. Inside dining room has no windows, but does have tablecloths and carpet to help with noise level. No booths. Good spacing between tables. We were there 5:30 -7 pm on a Friday night. Most tables were occupied but little trouble understanding my companion. Service was excellent in spite of busy Friday night. Reviewed by GG.

THE LANDING 30 Village Landing (Rt. 250), Fairport 425-7490 VERY NOISY, No curtains, table cloths, or carpet to deaden the noise. Lots of noise from patrons and from the bar. My friend and I were there on a weekday from 5:30 - 7pm. Only a few booths, tables are very close. Wood floors. Food was good, but at that dinner hour time, service was slow. Cost on dinner menu was $10 -22. Not handicap accessible. Parking in large lot behind restaurant, then walk down ramp to front or side door to enter, with few steps. Reviewed by JE and GG.

TOWPATH CAFE 6 N. Main St., Fairport (on the canal) 377-0410 It is around the south end of Fairport's Box Factory building; near Lickety Splits ice cream parlor. Service: Good and attentive.Noise: noisy, but expected with all the wood floors and furniture; no acoustic ceiling tiles or tablecloths.Bar noise was evident but not bad. Several dining areas; we chose what seemed to be the quietest. About 6 tables occupied. We were there 5:30 - 6:30pm on a week night.Cost: Dinner $ 8 - $14. No actual dinner menu. Only menu offered appeared to be a luncheon menu.Parking: Available in the large lot alongside the building. Accessibility: No. There are steps to enter the restaurant. Did not check the restroom. Reviewed by JE and GG 9/12.

916 Panorama Trail, Penfield 385-4160
NOISY. Easy parking in lot out front. There are Few steps to enter front door. Not apparent to be handicap accessible. Previously known as Timothy Patrick's and still has Irish banners of coats-of-arms hanging everywhere. No tablecloths or curtains or carpet to help with noise. We were there 11:30 - 1pm for a Monday lunch. They do have both booths and tables. Spacing of tables not too close. There is an extensive menu of steaks, omelets, sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Cost: Lunch $8 -12. Service rather slow, with only half a dozen tables occupied. Reviewed by GG.

TRATA – restaurant at the Armory
145 Culver Road, Rochester NY 14620 (near 490-W) Phone: 585 270 5460

Trendy, upscale, fine dining. Reservation made a week ahead with notification of my hearing loss. Requested a table in the quietest area. Had to wait in the bar; and the noise level was deafening, even to my wife who has normal hearing. The bartender was a joy and knew how to make a “Gibson.” We were seated at a table farthest from the bar, but it was not much help. Nothing to deaden noise (linens, carpet, drapes, etc) Interior walls are brick and glass. (After talking with other HLAA members, I discovered they “ask for a table in the limited seating area on 2nd floor.” Amazing we were not offered that option!)

Lunch: Mon. – Fri. 11-3pm $8-15
Dinner: Mon. – Sat. 4:30 – 10pm $20-28
Sunday: Brunch – 10:30 -2pm; then, 4-10pm

Our evening dinner food was delicious; service was friendly and speedy.
Reviewed by GW and MW. 3/16

UNCLE DANNY'S Ridge Rd. just East of Hudson Ave. REASONABLY QUIET. Acoustics good, though no carpets, linens or drapes. Many booths. There is very good lighting from the lights and windows.Service: Very good, attentive.  Time of visit: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Breakfast served all day. Lunch entrees cost: $6 - 10. Good food. A Family style restaurant. Parking in lot along side or in the front Reviewed by GG.

WINTONAIRE 628 Winton Rd.; phone: 730-8350
Good food, varied cuisine. Time of visit: 12:30 - 2pm NOISY, Lots of wood still somewhat noisy. No carpet or linens on tables no drapes. Lighting was good (windows and room lighting). Cost: Lunch entrees: $7-12. Service: Good Parking: along side and in back or on street Reviewed by GG.